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Photobooth face with ladybug decorations

Questions are Good.  We have Answers.

Photobooth Screen with Balloons

Is there a deposit required to book?

We do require a deposit for any digital drop off service. This is to protect from any damage that may occur to our booth equipment while at the event  This deposit is retuned or applied toward the total cost of the rental after an  inspection of the booth.

How much is a booth package?

Can I pick my own props and backdrop?

We love props here at Bugshots Photo Booth. Betty Booth prefers to call them accessories... Due to COVID, you can provide your own props, or any props that we include in our package will be yours to keep. Digital masks and props are a great option right now and we  specialize in creating backdrops.

Do you have booth attendants?

We have several packages priced out to meet the needs of most of  events, and we are always willing to work within a budget or a special request to make your event successful.

What are custom templates?

Custom Templates are created by our design team to personalize your event. Whether it be a theme, color scheme, or a personal story we can make it one of a kind.

We have found that even the smallest events require a minimum of 2 hours to really get the party started.

We love attending events and showing off Betty Booth and that would normally be our preference. We now offer Digital Drop Off and Virtual Booth options because that's the world we are living in now. Booth attendants are available when neccessary and are practicing all current COVID guidelines.

Is there a minimum booking time?

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